Jenni — the figuring oneself out is huge ; don’t give in! Once that’s healthy, you can go forward into whatever commitment lies ahead.

Linda — Ahem, yes, Jim is being quite generous. But since I’m a flattery whore … You have a good attitude. If you’re in it, feel good about it.

Amy — Wow, I have no idea why everything — being married or being single or being divorced — is so hard. I just know it is sometimes. And then, it isn’t, making me feel like that line in Monty Python — “She turned me into a newt!” And when it’s clear he’s not a newt: “Well, I got better.”

Amira — I hope you find a companion for the long-term sooner than later, too. Don’t give up the faith!

Kat Wilder

Twitter: KatWilder says: March 28, 2010 at 8:59 pm lala — yes, well, we do need to take care of some, uh, needs, don’t we? We may be divorced, but we’re still women! ;-)

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