I’m going to list a few tips for meeting the shocked family -

Stay calm and confident. You can only aggravate the situation by reacting negatively. Don’t be a afraid to show how much you care for your date. Most families want to see each other happy. If your date is happy with you, it will make it easier Do your home work. You should talk to your date before you arrive to know something about the family. You want to know who likes fishing, sports, college football team, and ect. It’s very important to be able to talk about common interests. Don’t talk politics or religion. I always avoid these 2 topics. Even the best of friends can argue and fight when discussing these two things. Avoid conflict. Meeting the family should be complicated or difficult, but if things become to intense you can always leave as a final option. If you’re still nervous about meeting the family, you can always invite them to your place. It makes it harder for someone to act foolish away from home.

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