This is the myth we live with! What’ver happened to accepting the person for he/ she is?? If we carry on this way, no wonder we’re ALL DISAPPOINTED!

Let’s be less judgemental and enjoy each other for who we are – battle-scars and all. Life is not about happily-ever-after. It’s about making the best of your situation. I lived thru life looking for the perfect mate. Guess what? He didn’t show. Until I learn to be my own best friend and appreciate the person for who he or she is.

Pure or damaged goods, we all go thru phases like that. It depends at what point you found the other person. If you met him when he was in his early 20s, perhaps he was “pure” but not ready to settle. If he stayed “pure” (not married) for the next 20 years, then we ask what’s his problem? Can anyone win here?

I married late, in my 40s and my husband, in his 40s as well, also married for the first time. We went thru many relationships before settling down with each other. Something clicked. Children-phobic at first, we decided to try for a baby after we married. We should NEVER had been together if not for maturing and learning to accept people for who they are. Our life would NEVER be perfect but it will not be boring. Constantly investing in our relationship is the key… not asking the other person to change or trying the fix the other person.

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