Hello Cherry, Thank you for this video. It is timely, just as I was about to take someone back. It has never been lasting magic. I have always lost my patience with him and resentment has set in on both sides. We have two children. Our sex life is deplorable. We just do not meet. Or meet up to each others' expectations. If it is not me, he pulls back. And every other male has been doing exactly the same thing since donkey's years. I think I am the problem and I would have to sort myself out. Up to now, I have always drowned myself in work. This time, I would like to do both : work and get something real back from life. It just bugs me that men can be crude, forward (suggesting sex on the first date, or even over the phone). I am at the point where I have been sexless for five years and this is a long time. So please wish me luck in my new-found self respect, thanks to your video. I realise that I am being a 'good girl' for my girls. The broad within me is beginning to scream to get out ! 61-year old Jean

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