That being said, remember why the relationship with your ex didn’t work out. You might still have a bundle of emotions and feelings that you’re trying to figure out, but don’t get caught up trying to pursue this person again (at least not anytime soon). Depending on the length of time since the break-up, it’s always best to give yourself some alone time to sift through all of the emotional fallout. Remember the good and the bad that came along with your ex and where you are currently in your life. Would you really want to put yourself back into the same situation? If you’re thinking that things can change and be better this go-around, think again. Chances are that your ex is only alluring because of the memories you shared together. Think about the new memories you can make with promising new love interests.
You can make it through the awkward situation using these tips the next time you have an ex encounter. Keep in mind that this is just one short experience that everyone deals with at some point. If you stay positive and confident, the next encounter will be that much easier to get through.

To put it nicely, Jennifer Aniston’s iconic and brilliantly shiny hair is more memorable than her latest movie, We’re the Millers. Truth be told, the film hasn’t earned any good reviews from critics and will probably be filed away in the archive of Hollywood’s Most Forgettable Movies.

Why Is Her Latest Movie a Flop?

Even though she’s considered an A-List Hollywood celebrity, most people are more concerned with her personal life than her numerous film roles. But where exactly did she go wrong with We’re the Millers? Why isn’t the public or the media as interested in her movies as they are in an exposé of rumors about her personal life?

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