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Louise wrote:Your view of
Louise wrote:

Your view of the woman's role in marriage is actually the role that was traditonaly occupied by the mistress, not the wife. A man could keep a mistress, if he could afford it, and nothing more was expected of her than sexual favours. The traditional role of the wife is to raise the children, manage the household, and (in pre-industrial days) participate in the family business, if any. Not lead a life of idleness (however much she might like to)

Then is it any wonder, taking the testimony from your own fingertips, that my wife is the envy of women, in that I chose to provide her the lifestyle of a mistress, rather than of a wife? That way, she gets the best of both.

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Well, I've been following this thread quite a while, and though I find the discussion a bit obscure, I've drawn a few conclusions about the main players in the last half:

A) Mike does a lot of housework and doesn't mention spanking his wife. B) Louise gets spanked a lot and does as little housework as she can get away with. C) "Pat" and her husband spank each other, and only do housework when they really need to pee.

In unrelated notes, Louise likes to read history books, "Pat" approves only of consensual butt-whacking, and Mike has not yet heard of all the possible variations of human sexuality.

So if I understand correctly, everyone on this thread is happy! Yay! It's nice to have some good news in this troubled world. :-)

Anyway, Mike, the whole feminist-submissive-spanko thing does seems weird. But what one the great blessings of middle age is that you can finally say, "Who cares if it makes sense, I like it anyway!" And gracious knows the more I find out about sex, the less sense it makes.

I must admit that I don't entirely understand all the details of your relationship with your wife, but that's fine. Most of my reasoning powers are currently taken up with luring my husband into scolding me and whacking me with a piece of wood. So I'm willing to let you guys be the judges of your own happiness. ;-)

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