We left and went to a dive bar close by that was playing some dance music. At the top floor she started her tab and would pay for our four rounds of jack and cokes over the next couple of hours. By the second round she’s throwing complements at me, she likes my earrings, tells my I smell incredible. I just smile but stick to the game plan and continue with the good conversation. I know it’s working when it hits her and she suddenly says, “hey, what about you, I feel like I’m doing all the talking here”

Me: What about me?

Her: well for instance what kind of girl are you looking for

Me: Honestly I’m open to anything, deep down in my heart I just want a girl who looks good in a snuggie and thong. (smirk) (Self help) "" "" " " "" "" "" "" "" "" "

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I give her nothing and take everything. I tell her we should move the party to the dance floor so she can show me some moves. First I showed her how to properly “do du stanky leg”. Three songs later she’s grinding her ass on my junk. She turns looks at me and starts kissing me. By the end of the song she whispers in my ear and asks if I’m ready to go back to her place.

Everybody will make a rookie mistake now and then, it happens to the best of us. The true skill is being able to recognize the mistake and immediately correct it. I went from bombing on one date and when put back in the same situation in a second date producing a much more favorable outcome. That’s why we do this. I’ve often equated being a single guy dating is like being an NFL quarterback. Learn to read her defense her coverage. Then develop your offense different parts of your game. My humor is the deep threat.

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